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Thread: USB DVB-T and DAB+ receiver- Dabby

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    For the price, its worth checking out the T188 if you can get hold of it, you would just need to find an adapter to convert the car antenna to the RF 75ohm connector as you find on TV's and the like....I dare say someone would be able to either find one or make one up...just not sure!

    I think you will find the FM reception on the cards is more than adequate....even with my little desktop antenna (the tiny one that comes with the card), it picked up channels pretty clearly.

    Just tested the one I have in my desktop PC now, and the clarity of it with the little desktop antenna is pretty good. With a normal car antenna, I think you will find it picks up as well as any other FM radio.

    But yeh, it sucks that there is no AM, it would be handy still, especially in Australia, where you can still get AM everywhere.

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    Yeah I never really listen to it as it's all talkback but it's always nice when you have older folk who like to listen to it or to listen to sport.
    The big one for me is in emergencies it is usually the AM channels that have the best information, especially if you aren't familiar with the area..

    Yeah $30 is pretty awesome.. Even if I don't worry about dab+ and just go with the fm like I am used to..
    Time to do some googling..

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