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Thread: Atom MB and USB monitor help

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    Atom MB and USB monitor help

    I have decided to take on a car PC after plowing through threads for several weeks. I just have a few quick questions that I could not find simple answers for. The first is I plan on using an atom MB. I use them for Media PCs in my house. How do you power This. It uses an AC to DC PSU brick.

    Second questions is how are the new USB powered 10" lilliput touch monitors? Do they bypass the onboard video? I am going to use this for the back seats in the console so they can watch my ripped HD movies. Atoms can run them with the right codex, but I doubt that onboard monitor video card could do it.

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    i would suggest looking at some AMD Zacate boards-- the processing, and graphics power and overall power consumption is supposed to blow atoms away.

    for a board like that, it uses a 19v power supply, so you simply need a power supply that outputs 19v--either carnetix unit, or dcdc-usb, or a couple other units in the mp3car store should meet those needs.

    usb screens:

    you said that you will be using them for second screen duties, so the primary concern-- not being able to enter/see bios is not a issue..

    and yes, they do bypass the onboard graphics, but worse-- they use the system processor for any data that they receive.

    i have a 7" proximus usb screen-- in my tests, expect to require at least a board with a pentium dual core, or better processor-- on my laptop, the usb screen would send the cpu to hover around 50-60% usage while playing a youtube video. overall, cpu usage was around 15-70% depending on screen usage..

    though i haven't specifically tried it on my older atom board, the results on my pentium-powered laptop are enough to worry me that it won't run good..

    i don't have a huge amount of experience with playing different video formats in-car, but overall, onboard graphics-- even intel integrated chipsets still seem to handle HD movies decently.

    but if this is a concern, i recommend getting a board with multiple video outputs, and with a better-then-average video chipset. i personally run a zotac board with integrated geforce 9300 graphics-- so far, i haven't had many problems with it.. though, i never bought it specifically because of the graphics, i bought it because it used a socket 775 processor..

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    Good idea on the new amd board. They use a typical psu any way so i can just get one of the smart PSU and run the monitor off of it as well. You have talked me out of the USB powered monitor. Pretty much confirmed my biggest worry with it. Any suggestions on a good 8" screen? Its going in the back of the middle console for media enjoyment in the back seat. I saw High Brightness Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T-HB 8" Touch Screen, but could not find any reviews on it.

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