Project #1: Main Computer
Mac Mini - $500*
Carnetix CNX-P2140 - $140* (Plus Mac Mini Power adapter)
Revo-sys 7inch 1DIN Touchscreen - $450*
Xitech Bluetooth OBDII - $44*
Centrafuse - $130*
Bootcamped Windows 7 - $270*

The only thing that I have left to do is figure out the audio aspect. And I'll be perfectly honest, I have no idea what I'm doing in that department. I guess it's a possibility to run the audio from the Mini to the revosys HU. That is of course depending on if the Revo-sys would work that way.

also I'd like to hack one of these HP Pointing Sticks (read: clit mouse) and put it at the top of my stick shift...
because that would just be another "Cool" thing...

Project #2: HVAC Integration
using the fusion brain, I hope to integrate the temperature controls using any number of relays, motors and solenoids.

Project #3: RFID Integration
Parallax RFID Reader - $40*
Arduino (dear God that is going to be fun!)
Parallax RFID discs - $1*

there are plenty of tutorials describing how to do this part of the build so I feel confident that it will be possible...

Possible Project: Tweeting Jeep
That's right, I want my Jeep to tweet. "Just climbed over a massive boulder" "The Air is thin on top of this mountain, Just the way I like it..." "90 MPH in a jeep.... ...yes..." "::Sniff Sniff:: anyone else smell bacon?" "Ahh, nothing like 4 wheel drive in the morning"