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Thread: VW Transporter T5

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    Jan 2008
    on the border of northern IL/IN
    sorry, i don't use the radio, and i'm in the US..

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    May 2011
    ok cheers anyway.
    Van PC all in and gotta say i m well impressed so far, having leisure battery no worries with sleep mode, boots up quicker than my old Alpine HU.
    Gotta lot of tidying up to do but well happy. Well worth the hours of work and time generally invested doing the research.
    Only couple of minor niggles...
    Had to send back gps reciever back du e to not working.
    Radio, not a lot of feedback its a bit of a worry really..
    And finally still getting moderated on here after 40 post??? whats that all about. Posted this morning 14.5hrs still not up.....

    But really thanks for your help, soundman fair play to you. Great site great info (sometimes to much) cheers.

    Now on to skinning.....

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    43 posts and still being moderated????
    MP3car really that paranoid about spammers?? nice ads on top of page now by the way

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