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Thread: 350Z Car PC, first build, don't know where to begin.

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    350Z Car PC, first build, don't know where to begin.

    Hey All,

    I have been a long time Desktop PC builder and recently began thinking about making my PC obsession mobile. So I got to thinking, what all would be necessary to get into building a car PC. I have done research and there is just so much info out there I don't know where to begin as far as using it to its full potential. Using it for Media, for Navigation, and even for car diagnostics. So I was hoping the fine folks here could get me started. My primary concerns are Power (how to power it, as well as auto on/off), wiring into the car (using car speakers for audio), using some type of bluetooth for hands free, navigation software (with a touch screen), and what kind of software to manage it all (is there some type of nice linux or unix based gui for media, navigation, and car troubleshooting integration).

    As I said, I am an avid desktop PC builder, so I know how to deal with internals, I just can't figure how to modify the scheme to integrate into a car. I have seen things like step up transformers or 12V power adapters, but don't really know much about them...

    This is planning on being put into a 2006 350Z. I was hoping to have a touch screen display under the navigation popup area which is under that door you see here

    and looking to put the PC in the double din spot (is this feasible?)

    Any and all help will be appreciated!

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    there was a recent 350z build, i believe the forum name is -zip-..

    as for some of your questions, most can be answered in the faq:

    the most recent front end/os based on linux was linuxice, which is no longer being updated-- the original creator is waiting for meego to take off more, and was planning on using that..

    linuxice forum
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    ok, thanks, Ill look for that and check that forum appreciate it

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