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Thread: Not New but been a while

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    Not New but been a while

    Hey guys its been a while, probably 6 or so years. I had a nice little Car PC back in the day running Frodoplayer from a Via Epia mii 12k and a lilliput screen. Back then they were a pretty good setup to use and as I recall were pretty much a standard. Now I imagine a fair bit has changed since then so im wondering what is the new standard thats going round as far as operating systems and motherboards etc etc.
    Ill be doing the install in my 72 mini so it should be a bit of fun. Has anyone done one in an old mini?

    If some one can throw me some quick advice and/or some links to some of the more impressive builds it would be appreciated.

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    I think mini itx atom or now AMD e350 builds are quite popular.
    I know I am looking into the e350. As for monitors not much has probably changed in that department sadly

    Oh yeah tablets and ipads are coming into fashion as quick easy installs without stuffing around too much. But that's not my thing.

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    I'm using a VIA PX PicoITX board as an all-indash solution.
    Currently I have a standard type 800x480 LCD screen but as my PX board has LVDS then I'm thinking of maybe a future upgrade to this 1024x600 TFT LCD screen
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    i am seeing more high powered setups-- mostly i3's. but the atom boards still seem to reign around here.

    honestly, other then the fact that frodoplayer is dead, and some other fe's have come and gone, other then that, the same tones, ideas, and methods really haven't changed..

    for a 'impressive build' search for hijack's build(s)..


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