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Thread: Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    all of us here love tinkering with cars,
    Not anymore.. oh my aching back...

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    they make pills for that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    at what point do you ever finish?!?
    by "done" I mean looking like it belongs in the car and functional

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    networking and alot

    I enjoy pulling up to my place and from my car accessing my media server(wirelessly) and copying my new movies and songs into my car pc hard drive or doing it in the morning then can listen and watch them throughout the day. I also work out my car alot and clock in and out online and edit timesheets and work order and can do this anywhere(using an air card or phone (tether and wireless tether)). Now tell me a car that can let me clock in and out with a factory or aftermarket radio.

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    I am never satisfied!

    -Chazz Micheal Micheals
    This is one of those things that you do because you can. And honestly once you begin, you can't stop! even when the money isn't there for it or your package is stuck in some embargo, the drive will always be there... I don't have the money for my entire project right now but you can bet your hot little biscuits that I'm planning it out and laying the plan down... it's all about the end result of having done it your self...

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