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Thread: USB Port Splitters

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    USB Port Splitters

    Currently I'm trying to hook up multiple USB port accessories in my Mustang. I have an iPod, HTC Inspire 4G cable, and GPS cable going on a double din radio. I have a Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD radio, which has only one USB port.

    My question is; whenever I use a USB splitter to hook multiple connections up, will I receive error messages whenever running them all at the same time?

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    I would be checking the power consumption being drawn when all devices are on as you may be overloading the USB port the hub is pluged in to.

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    Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that usb port on your radio only capable for usb data devices (i.e. mp3 libraries, video's ect.) just a thought SNO

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    i believe the usb host(head unit) is too 'dumb' to know what to do with any more then 1 device on the usb port. the only alternative is a computer..

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    Correct. The radio can only run one at a time. If you hook up multiple you will get an error. If you use a car pc you can hook up all those plus more(around 100 given you have enough power supply). I would reccomend the carputer. But if you use the carpc you wont need all those devices being used(unless you need them charged)

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    According to me the unit is designed ti identify only one USB device and if you try to connect more than one it cannot identify them and sends error message.

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