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Thread: Anyone know what Software is used here ?

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    Unfortunately no. That has to be part of the GPS software. Currently, I do not know of any GPS software for the PC that allows you to dictate address's and such. It would be a nice feature for sure, but I have never found one.
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    Just happened to get one of those innovatek in-633PC units but i can seem to find a way to calibrate the touch screen - how did he do it?? i thought the drivers would load once i plugged in the USB but nothing happens.

    Appreciate any help.
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    This has setup has inspired me to build one of my own. I've wanted to build a car pc for quite a while.
    Seeing this setup in action in a car very much like mine was the tipping point.
    Mine is a 2004 Saturn Ion Redline, I ordered the 633pc and will be trying to set this up using a spare dell mini 10 I have.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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