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Thread: want t replace the cars ecu and such with a desk top cpu help requested

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    want t replace the cars ecu and such with a desk top cpu help requested

    ike the title says i want to replace my cars ecu and other computer components. basically all engine management. and still have the capabilities of your average desk top computer while being able to control a well rounded sound system also. I figure it would have to have ssd drive instead of the normal electromagnetic drive that comes in most computers as well to handle all the vibration inherent in an car install same solid-state drive thoughts ideas can this be done? well better yet i know it can be done but how would be the best way to go about it. im better wit auto mech. than computers so thats why i've come here oh and this is my first visit.

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    Your best bet is probably to go with an aftermarket ECU such as megasquirt, and then use the PC to control it. Using a carpc, especially one with windows for a mission critical operation such as running the engine is an incredibly bad idea 9if even possible), and a really good way to end up stranded on the side of the road. That being said, using the carpc to control the aftermarket ecu is perfectly reasonable and there are some people who do it that way. What kind of car do you have?
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    well i was thinking on using a mac Unix-based operating system "i like to make cause i'm just not pc". I've read just a little about megasquirt and like what i've read so far. the being stranded on the side of the road thing is what i was worried about say for instance if your computer freezes for some reason you could need a new engine.

    What kind of car do i have? ok hear comes the bragging. The 1987 Toyota MR2 MK1, one of the best cars in the world.


    mid engine placement rear wheel drive under 2000 pounds 2 seater with an engine swap pushing 350 hp its very nice. its even got pop up head lights and to trunks the frunk "trunk in the front and one behind the engine.

    when i go out to buy stuff i like to put it in the frunk to see people look at me like why is he putting his groceries on top of his engine.

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