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Thread: HP Mini 210

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    HP Mini 210

    Hello I am currently running an HP mini 210 as my Carputer. I wanted to ad an external power button similar to a post i saw on here done with a compaq laptop. The issue is that HP has this stupid power switch and i do not know where to solder my wired. I would really appreciate the help if anyone knows if it is possible to add an external power button to this mini. Please teach me....

    Thank you


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    Can you possibly post a picture of the wires/switch internals, that would be most helpful in telling you exactly where to solder an external button.

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    Thank you Sean, attached are pictures of the entire motherboard and a close up of the power switch. Please let me know if this helps at all.

    Thanks again.
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    From the looks of it, it looks like the switch still acts like a momentary switch so you just need to figure out which of the solder points are the positive and negative. If you have a Multimeter that would be your best bet on figuring out which solder point is what.

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