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Thread: Launching external programs from frontend

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    Launching external programs from frontend

    Hi all,
    Before i start my build im trying to decide on the frontend. One of the biggest parts of the carputer i want to be able to do is switch to the tuning program for my ECU. Which/do both centrafuse and RR allow you to lauch external programs by making a custom button or something similar? Or do they allow a custom button to be made which can alt-tab? I would want to have both the frontend and the tuning program running so i could switch between them if possible.

    Thanks for any help

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    thanks for the reply bud, sounds good. Guess the only kinda annoying thing with carputers is getting radio/TV happening on them. Seems to be a fairly expensive path to go down just to get digital radio and digital TV happening. GPS isnt an issue tho....

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