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Thread: Car PC running amp Remote wire with Pc 7.1 Surround System

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    Car PC running amp Remote wire with Pc 7.1 Surround System

    I will add pictures and details if anyone is interested but I totally made the pc take over my car stereo. The Hp Slimline is running 7 Ult for guidance purpose and I thought why am I using this 2.1 stereo.. So I got 4 of them headphone to rca jacks and went to town.. Then came a problem.. No headunit, i'd have to put a switch on the remote wire to turn the amps on... well I didnt want that, I wanted the pc to work much like the stereo did turning on the amp, So I went to the drawing board.. Throwing 12v from the pc proved to work, but put a large load on the slimline power supply.. ok so i tried a 12v car relay still a no go because it got to warm... So a light came on.. Grabbed a cable box and poped out the 5v relay... the relay is for 5v trigger 120... But a 12v load on that 120 with a small MA rating such as remote wire... perfect.. Soldered all the wires to a pc pigtal on the red and black.. this time the relay didnt cause the pc to go into overload shutdown, or get warm.. So then i get the idea I dont want to have to reach under the seat to turn the pc on, or look under to see the power light.. so I went to radioshack and got 2 jacks for the rear, 4 strand wire.. and now my power LED and switch is right on my dash... so easy I had to share for all the people out there like myself who deem a car pc an necessity... So I get it.. flip 1 switch to turn inverter on... then press the power button on the dash and the power led on the dash shows me the car pc is on and running.. Might add a hdd lead soon.. Anyone want pictures? I'd be glad to share...

    I am loving enjoying 7.1 in the car.. it only took 4 amps and a monoblock to get it perfect, but hey who doesnt enjoy watching a dvd and hearing it the way is it meant... vocals from the center, and effects from all around...

    btw if anyone is intested..
    amp1= MonoBlock (bass)
    amp2= Bridged for center
    amp3= Front Speakers
    amp4= Rear Speakers
    amp5= Side Surrounds

    The monoblock and center are split from the same cable as the center and sub are usually shared...

    Now I need to figure a better solution for volume control.. Micro has a mini keyboard with mouse, keyboard, and volume.... Welcome Ideas

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    The Griffin Power Mate works well as a volume control. I have not tried the Space Navigator but I expect it would work well also.
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    hmm, 7.1? I remember the 5.1 thread about pc/house speakers being in a car. The debate was it turned out awful. So, how is 7.1 with car speakers, I assume you're doing that at least?

    The Griffin Power Mate works well as a volume control.
    Griffin power mate is probably the most popular method!
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    I am using the logitech x540 5.1, I am only using the sub/amp with remote volume/bass control and the centre speaker the rest are the 4 factory speakers. I was using the 120v plug and inverter. It did introduce some slight noise (from inverter). My last carpc refresh a month ago i opened up the sub/amp and saw it was using an ac/dc power supply and it needed 14.8 volts dc took out the ac/dc unit and installed the dc-dc-usb from mp3car store adjusted the volts to 14.8 and its just perfect. I couldn't be happier with the results. I wish i had changed the power supply a couple of years ago. SNO

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    All out loud.. Clear.. I will do a video.. Got pulled over and got a 150 noise disturbance ticket last night! I have to go to court. Its amazing, Clear, Clean, and the bass doesnt overwhelm the vocals. The center speakers screams... I have tired pc speakers in the car without luck.. The 7.1 is complex but well worth it.. Once i get the volume knob installed it will be perfect... Had a ground loop with pc and got rid of it..but is sounds amazing

    beyond tri-amping.. Dont know what to call it.. But end result is just amazing...

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    why is this in the faq area?

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    because I am a.d.d LOL.. Sorry., Review says the power griffen is 20.00 but site says 37. 20 fair, 37 i can get a keyboard with mouse and volume....

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    Remote + Keyboard

    So I paird up a cheapy ebay remote and a 30.00 micro center mini keyboard and mouse... The keyboard and mouse combo is for namely adding address ect when things requiring typing, and the remote is used as a mouse and to open programs maps, mp3s ect...

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