Thanks guys!! I like the looks of the 5v/10a converter. Much better price. The 30 A might be one to file away for later but probably dont need it just now for what I am doing.

Has anybody measured the no-load draw? If not I can post it once it gets here.

Also, a couple of options for shut off. I want to be able to leave devices charging while I am not in the vehicle (shopping, etc) and know I will need some kind of shut off to protect the battery. I dont think I want a timer as that is not necessarily the behavior i want the system to have. I could certainly switch it with a relay and put the switch on the dash but then I have to look at another switch and remember to actually shut it off. (for extended periods of the truck being parked I can just pull the fuse).

I like the idea of a low voltage shutoff but being a noob to the forum (not to things electrical / electronic) I am having trouble finding the reference to the mw-728. Any links would be most appreciated.

How low should I set the shutoff? Somewhere in the 10.5v - 11v range??? I dont mind draining the battery as I consider that a consumable, just dont want to over do the deep discharge.