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Thread: non-OBD2 gauges

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    non-OBD2 gauges

    Hi all,
    Honestly, i have done lots of searching on google and this forum and im struggling to find information. I want to display oil pressure/temp for example, which cannot be taken from OBD2. If i get senders, what hardware and software do i need to accept the signals and interprate the sender information? fusion brain? How do i get this to display as well on one of the common front ends, or any program?

    Not sure where to start. My ECU is not standard and i run the tuning program to display all info that the ECU recieves (MAP, ign advance/retard, rpm, AFR, water temp, air temp etc), but oil temps and pressures are pretty important and i would like to display them without having any gauges hanging off my dash ( want to keep the interior clean).


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    You might be **** out of luck if your car is old enough to not use OBD-II. The sending units are the easy part as they are probably included with most gauges. I searched around for a bit any everything I see that links with software seems to work only for OBD-II. Who did the tuning on your car? Maybe you want to ask the tuner if there is a program they can use to output to ODB-II for your purpose?

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