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Thread: Lamborghini fresh re-birth need a Project leader

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    Thanks your exactly the type of help I need to get started.. I have been thinking allot about the project. And things must have to be a true super car build for 2012
    keyless entry push start fingerprint override alarm.
    traction control (think the Audi triptronic cpu may have this covered but on and off is an issue.
    gauges easy enough on its own screen perhaps its on carputer to drive it.
    radar - laser interface with HUD thinking
    radio surround sound sat + hd - air conditioning - nav (also HUD ) - tire pressure warning system
    I need help I went on the store side and wish listed all the stuff I "Think" it will need.

    "An" idea I have is to get all the bits and parts bench built and test the system well before we are ready to go with the project install. BTW my email is emperor at s b c g l obal dot net if we can share ideas.. Really thank you and I will gladly pay a consultant designer programmer fees

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    dont worry about it and as far as my fee.. just have a good time and if your ever in oklahoma city.. look me up and buy me a beer lol seriously though knowledge is free and should always be. if i know something that may help you or anyone out im gonna share it cus thats what i would hope others would do for me

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    Boomer Sooner! lol I went to OU... Thanks!!!!!

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