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Thread: Powering the Intel Desktop Board D510MO

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    Powering the Intel Desktop Board D510MO

    Hey guys! I am currently building a carputer for my 2004 Ford F-150. I am at one place I can not figure out a solution to though. I have an Intel Desktop Board D510MO for the mother board and I have the DCDC-USB for powering the computer in the truck.

    Here's the problem: The DCDC-USB is a 4 pin connector and the D510MO only has a 12x2 power rail. How do I connect the two, and how do I power the hard drive? Do I need an adapter, do some mods, or is it even possible? I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to electronics so let me have it.

    Thanks alot guys for any help or lessons you could give me.

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    The DCDC-USB is not suitable for powering that MB. (It is not an ATX PSU)

    You need the M2-ATX, M3-ATX or the M4-ATX depending on what else is going to be connected.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I figured that was what the case was, just wondering if anyone had a work around before I sent mine back and purchased a new one. Thanks again!

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    I use the Opus DX3.120 to power my 510MO. Works great.
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