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Thread: Getting sound to the speakers..

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    Getting sound to the speakers..

    Okay, so I checked the stickies before posting. But Im still not sure about a few elements to the set up I want to run.

    I have a powerbook g4 with a busted screen. It is just collecting dust right now, I want to install it into my 03 VW GTI. My plan is to remove the screen completely and use the keyboard and track pad as my source of control (Thinking about mounting it in my glove box with a cooling pad under the laptop.) Then running a S-video cord to a 7" monitor which will be installed in the double din of the dash. This should take care of the display element. My concern is getting sound to the speakers from the laptop. I saw that you can run aux. cables to a y-adapter with RCA fitments then run them to the amp. The amps I have are a M-Class 500/4 and a 300/1 Memphis Audio Amplifier. From there you just run the wires accordingly.. except for the remote wire? I normally tie this in with the HU.. Any suggestions? Im new to the forum and havent fully bocome familiar with mp3car yet. Has anybody done this? Are there any links to some diys? or does anybody have a wiring diagram they have mapped out that I can use as a reference? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'd run the ignition wire from your radio's harness to a toggle switch, then continue on to the remote input on the amplifier. This way you can leave the switch on and let the ignition turn the amp on and off, and you can also manually turn it on and off if you need to disconnect the laptop while the car is running.
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    though i question some of the other stuff in your build.

    1.cooling pad-- have you noticed any difference in the temp of the laptop with and without the cooling pad? my HP laptop has no noticeable difference--even ran coretemp for a while to confirm.. if this is the case, then the cooling pad is going to be a extra part that will just get in the way..

    2. control/video--why not use a 7" touch screen like the lilliputs offered in the mp3car store? the image quality will be better, and running a front end on the pc would make it easier to control with less time spent hunting for executing certain commands.

    if you would rather use the s-video, you could purchase a touch screen overlay kit on ebay, so you could still get touch control on the cheap.

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    You have not mentioned how you are going to power the laptop. The normal was is to use one of the power supplies like the ones available at the store on this site. If that is your plan, you will have a amp trigger wire from the PS that will turn them on and off automatically when the PS starts up & shuts down which most people control from the ignition wire of the vehicle.

    Just a note on you Dub, I did a headunit install on a 03 Jetta last year, there is no accessory wire available behind the dash, I had to open up the steering column and pick off the keysense wire there and run it over to the radio and relay it. If you have already added an aftermarket headunit to this car, then you have already delt with this anyways.

    Take a look at my worklog below, what you are proposing to do sounds very similar to what I have done, you might get some ideas!
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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