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Thread: Newbie 1994 statesman VR v8 car pc install questions

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    Newbie 1994 statesman VR v8 car pc install questions

    hey guys...
    Im new to all of this car pc stuff but seeing as though the tax man was nice to me this year I thought I'd splash a little extra cash on the commodore, Ive bought most of the major items for the install, just got to decide where to mount it all etc...
    heres what i have so far

    7" touch screen (had to find a thin option, as there is no depth in the double din space)
    bu353 gps reciever

    will be connected to my 2 amps for sound, mono block amp for sub and other amp will power speakers.. (may end up getting rid of the sub just using decent speakers)

    any how i have a few questions that i cant seem to find updated answers for on the forums...

    because im doing away with the head unit altogether, is there a sure fire way to get decent radio fm reception???

    also as a bit of a wank factor rather then anything performance wise, i would love to have real time diagnostics come up on the screen, however what i can find the problem is 1994 holdens have to obd2 plug but only transmit data in obd1.... has anyone found a full solution for this???...

    only other thing is the software,
    thinking about the meego IVI, has anyone used this, if so what do you think...
    centrafuse is the other 1 i was thinking about...

    i guess im wondering what is the better option...
    full operating system or front end software over Linux or windows

    Thanks heaps...

    Ps few pics of the car, more to come as I install everything!!
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    Install begins

    so most of my stuff has arrived...
    So it looks like I found a solution to the obd1 dramas... ordered the cable through

    For the Fm radio I have found a usb radio with and antenna socket at the end of it, (DVB-T Digital TV USB Dongle Stick With FM/DAB/DAB+) from deals direct so i will soon see how well that works...

    Im still lost with the front end software or operating system to use... anyone got any preferences??

    Was a little bored after work and i got a mate to help me cut out the insides of the stereo surround screen is a little smaller then i would have liked but i'm going to get a perspex frame water cut to fit around the screen to fill all the gaps...

    few pics of the surround so far.....

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    looks good so far!

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