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Thread: Laptop USB issues

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    Laptop USB issues

    OK so my laptop is an Acer Aspire 5050 and has only 3 usb ports. I need 4 minimum for my carpc. (wifi adapter, liliput touch, gps, external harddrive). I tried a cheap usb hub that is not externally powered. It acts up and sometimes doesn't power both devices or it will power only 1 of them. I am thinking my power output is at its maximum especially with the harddrive and wifi adapter. I am looking at purchasing this on ebay. But would like to know if the PCMCIA will draw power from my already maxed out usb or is it a seperate power source? I just need this to plug in one device. Any ideas? or thoughts?

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    I don't see why not. External hubs from USB are limited by the power from that USB (ie, 500mA to 1.7A).
    pmcia has access to full bus power.

    Whether that card has some limitation, or....

    Maybe others can confirm my opinion (but limited experience).

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    Link is broken. Yes access to bus power. Some are limited to 500mA per output and some are limited to 500mA max. Just depends on which one you choose.

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    it's very similar to this one.

    good thing is I only need 1 more usb port so as long it powers one of them I'll be ok I bought it anyways, 5 bucks shipped. Picture shows 4 ports but ad states 2. Strange but all I need is one either way. Here is the description. Looks like .5A each port.

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