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Thread: Other options for NAV/media unit?

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    Other options for NAV/media unit?

    I am currently running a centrafuse frontend on a EBY701 screen and as asus ITX-220 board.
    The setup is by no means sleek in my current car, but it's functional.

    I will be buying a new car next week (2005 Mazda3) and was looking at other options. I found systems like these

    These systems look quite slick, and integrate VERY easily into the car, and at a reasonable price too.

    I especially like the physical buttons (volume, input selection, phone control...) that is available in those units, but realize that there is zero expandability of these systems.

    Anyone have any reviews on these systems?
    Are they any good?

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    quite simply, you get what you pay for.

    those units cost much less then a name brand navigation unit, so i doubt you will be very satisfied with them.

    of the reviews i have read of similar units, don't expect it to be anything more then really cheap, poorly-built, factory replacement radios..

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