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Thread: Want to install a Carputer back in India

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    Want to install a Carputer back in India

    Hi Folks,

    I have heard of Carputer just few days ago and im instantly in love with it. i want to install one in my car in India. i have no clue on where to start and what hardware/Software do i buy. iam currently in US and can buy few stuff here before i go back.

    Did not have pic of my car so uploaded a pic i got from the internet.

    I definelty want to install one with a OBD ( not sure if my car has a OBD Scanner).

    My Car is Toyota Etios ( 2011 make)

    Please suggest or guide me to a proper source.

    Thanks in advance

    Pavan Kumar Durbha.
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    overall, i think the better computer motherboards for cars use either the intel atom, or amd e-350 processors.

    other then that, be sure to get a suitably-sized dc-dc power supply, and any other goodies you want.

    the best place to look for info is the FAQ emporium, or just look around the forum-- there is tons of info here!

    for obd-- i know for sure that the US made OBD a requirement on all cars made after 1996, though i don't know how well india-based cars follow that.

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    Thanks for the information..will try to search for more information.... in the mean time.. can anyone also tell me the required hardware..

    Thanks in advance.


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