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Thread: need help putting computer to sleep from ignition

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    need help putting computer to sleep from ignition

    Hey all,
    I知 building my first car PC and I知 using the M2-ATX from mini-box as my power supply. Right now I have the wireless remote module and some relays hooked up to the remote wire which turns on the computer when I unlock my doors and turns of the computer when I lock the doors with only the FOB. It works perfect! What I want to do is change the PSU to shutdown 30mins after I cut the remote line and have the ignition 登ff action (plus some relays and capacitors) put the computer to sleep so that if I come back within 30 mins the computer wakes up near instantly. In theory it works. I tested it already but I plugged a keyboard in and used the sleep button on the keyboard to put the computer to sleep (instead of the ignition and relays). My question is how can I put the computer to sleep without the keyboard button? There痴 no pin out on the motherboard for a sleep button. I知 guessing I would have to use the PS/2 port or a USB port driven device. Anyone know how to do this?

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    the sleep option should be available in the power button options under the control panel.

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    thanks. after much research i think i can do what i want through the software instead of hardware like you suggested.

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    Yep, there are options for "What to do when power button is pressed." Such as Standbyp, Hibernate, Shutdown...

    Here is a link for how to do it in WinXP. You didn't mention your OS...

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    This post is a little confusing, to me at least.

    There are two questions you seem to be asking?

    “What I want to do is change the PSU to shutdown 30mins after I cut the remote line and have the ignition “off” action”

    You want to make the PSU shutdown the PC after 30 minutes IF the PC is in sleep mode.

    You want to put the PC to seep using the On/Off function of the PSU-MB combination which has been answered by the other posts above.

    You want something else?

    How do you want sleep to be killed after 30 minutes? A hard power off like the M4-PSU can do. This requires a cold boot when the PC is restarted unless you are one of the lucky ones that can get Hybrid-Sleep to work all the time (you need a keyboard at boot time if it fails).

    Almost forgot, there is the option to have the PC do both. Sleep or Hibernate controlled by a hardware control interfaced to the FE or a touch screen button on the FE. You set the PC to sleep when the IGN is off and if you’re not coming back you can hibernate with the touch of a button. If sleep happens to be reset after 30 minutes by a hard-off control, the PC will just do a cold boot on power up.

    However there are differences between Win OS versions when it cpmes to Software Control of Sleep Hibernate and if you enable Hibernate then it may not sleep, just Hibernate and if Sleep is enabled it may not Hibernate but just sleep unless a bit of extra coding is carried out.
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