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Thread: 5.1 USB sound card

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    5.1 USB sound card

    So i'm looking at getting a creative USB 5.1 Pro sound card or similar so that i can have more control over each speaker, but i'm wondering.. if i'm inputting stereo through line in etc, how do i 'split' it to go to every channel?
    I would really only be running it at 4.1 though in the car right?
    Just want to make sure i have it right in my head and can do what i want before i spend more $ on the hardware.


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    You use the software to emulate the other channels, otherwise you will get sound only from your front speakers. I'm sure that the Creative software/drivers should allow this, but you'll want to make sure before you buy that card. Since I don't want to have a movie theater in my car, I use a 2 channel USB DAC and split the output for my 4 channel amp.
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    yeah i don't want movie theater either, i just want to get the sound stage a little further back, and have bass working properly..
    front speakers seem louder and i'm not getting much bass at all..

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