I have a mkiv supra, and come off my P's in 12 months and im considering what my next car would be. I love the supra, but it is getting old, It can perform, and look as good as any car produced today, however the interior can feel a bit dated, missing features that are equip in even today's "Pov pack" cars
Im looking for a "control center" of sorts, not sure of the correct name. (Purely research atm)
Something to replace the headunit with, that can do a little extra.
Im looking to include features such as

CD/DVD/Ipod radio Etc..
Interior and exterior Temperatures
Fuel usage/capacity
even up to control aircon system

And possibly some of the features found on the R34 GTR MFD
-Oil pressure
-injector spray
-oil temp
-water temp
- exhaust temp
-intake temp

All on a digital display. (I was thinking Tablet pc/ipad)

Obviously im more of a car person than electronics guru but im also not technologically retarded (I get the call to fix friends/family computer/tv/blender?)

However the presentation of the display (Mounting etc..) would be a very large factor, i would like it to look as original and factory as possible.
I would like to do as little\none of the work myself, because of the level of quality i would be seeking..

What type of dollars would i be looking at for a drive in drive out job like this? and what type of place would i even take my car too?