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Thread: Best way to power this guy without PC power supply

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    Best way to power this guy without PC power supply

    Looking for an easy way to power this box for my setup. I'm skipping the PC this round and using a tablet so I dont have the luxury of having a power supply with a 5V rail but this adapter that I want for my setup needs 5V in. Whats the best way to do this assuming just a stock car.

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    At 2A it's a bit high for most cellphone etc chargers...

    Have a look at current-logic 12V/24V to 5V 10A. They were recently mentioned hereon and noted for their cheapness ($36A for 30A; $18 for 10A).

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    ^ exactly what i was going to recommend.

    beware, member hijack is the only one that has used it so far, and he had some problems getting the connected devices working correctly.

    i suspect that it was partly due to the complexity of his setup, though if you have similar issues, you will need to plan on adding a delay like he did:

    and i gotta ask-- what kind of amp are you using with the digital input?
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    It's more expensive but the DCDC-USB is a nice option and would let you run other devices at the same time (say a powered USB hub or the like) and they're nice and small too. They're also physically and logically programmable meaning that you can set jumpers for certain output voltages as well as functionality or you could use the USB connection to tweak it even more.
    I'm not "pushing" them, but it's an option (and a pretty good one IMHO).

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    I plan on running the audio to my audison bitone processor.

    Looks like I could go even lower with something like this. I guess while I'm at it I might as well power the tablet off of the 5V converter.

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