hello everyone,

my name is D, i like to believe that im a bit of a tech nut, but i am a car freak.

im 23 A+ cert, and a major gear head who drives a 2000 Crown Vic Police INT.

i want to integrate every gadget i can into car, im into small circuitry, and fabbing things up for others that like my quality of work.

I have Built engines, Upholstery, Paint and body, and lots of retrofitting.
theres only 2 things that get me away from gadgets, and my car, thats my son and GF, and they even have a hard time when im working on my gadgets.

Im part of a forum that deals with crown vics and all other "panther" chassis cars like Lincoln town car, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder, and the Crown VIC.
Panther Community

i hope to learn much from here and once aquiring the funds be able to indulge in anther great venture