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Thread: mp3 car newbie

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    mp3 car newbie

    im new to mp3 car but by no means new to car pcs and car audio
    iv been hanging around digital car for about 2 years now and iv amassed a fair bit off info on car pcs and now iv decided to join mp3car as well

    a little info on my cars:

    so i started to put a car pc and audio into my first astra but then gave up after the audio was in
    this time im determined to put in a car pc. my first stage is to install audio, spilit charge battery and a few other small mods to the car
    2rd stage is car pc and a few other bigger mods and stage 3 is to put in a 3.0 V6 from and omega into the astra and converting it to lpg .
    at some point, cash dependant i will hopefully build a proper quad core (maybe water cooled) pc into it
    thats the plan anyway!

    my pc setup will be a insparon 6400 laptop
    2gb off ram, 1.6 dual core cpu, 60gb ssd, windows xp. it boots from cold to centrafuse in 16 seconds!
    the laptops all ready to go just needs installation
    illl be using a 7 inch touch screen moulded in the dash.
    an m2 atx will power the screen and usb hubs,phone charger ect and will turn on the laptop
    iv got a 12v power brick for the laptop power and the laptop will shut itself down gracefully once it loses power
    iv got a griffin power mate custom fabed into a singled din slot with 2 gauges and ill be instating a joy con for the steering wheel buttons

    cant think off anything else to say right now that's about it
    any questions, comments and criticism are welcome

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    looks like a good start!

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