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Thread: Newbie - western digital live tv media hub

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    Newbie - western digital live tv media hub

    I am new to the whole carpc experience and am tinkering with some ideas. Has anyone ever made use of a western digital live tv media access hub in their vehicle? I am currently having wifi installed in my car and was thinking this would be an easy hookup. My scenario goes like this.....2009 Chevy suburban....I have dual tme-s370 screens in the headrests, my daughter sits on the back right. My plan was to have whatever car pc setup I decide on to go to my drivers side headrest (obviously I can't see it but just because I can) and to my Lilliput in dash, and to have the western digital unit for my daughters screen since she is young, but advanced enough to use a computer, I thought the simplistic interface of the wd would be perfect. Any thoughts or past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well for one you dont need a carpc to plug the wd live tv media hub into a lcd headrest. Im not sure what kind of info your looking for here? The only problem with having the media hub in your car is just powering it, but you can just get an inverter for that. Your question is very cryptic and incoherent, hence people not replying.

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