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Thread: carputer -netbook/desktop... what do i use?

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    carputer -netbook/desktop... what do i use?

    just wondering what i need to use for my carputer i know the drive would have to be changed to a solid state drive.. ive got a monitor with vga and hdmi in i just need to know what to use for the tower

    any suggestions or help?

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    1 - It really doesn't matter. Use what fits in your ride, fits your budget and does what you want performance-wise. Personally, I think small form-factor desktop hardware is a lot easier to work with.

    2 - No, you don't need to use a SSD. They're superior to a mechanical HDD, to be certain, but not necessary.

    3 - I highly suggest spending lots of time reading the FAQs and learning how to accomplish the goals for your install.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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