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Thread: Need some help with picking an amplifier.

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    Need some help with picking an amplifier.

    I've read some tutorials and actually did not get much sense out of them.
    I have a Volvo S60 with one speaker in the dash, two front speakers, two in the back seat and two in the hat rack (Don't know if its the correct word, anyway..)
    So the problem is that I have to rewire all my speakers to my car computer with is located in the trunk of the car.
    That part I think I got it right.
    I can only find those amplifiers with like 2 or 4 channels, and if I understand it right I should have one channel for each par of speakers, because i got pretty good speakers in my car and I don't want to ruin them with some crappy **** amplifier.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Check out the HiFonics 5 channel amps I've owned 2 of them and both have worked great for me. You'll probably want to wire 2 pair of the speakers in parallel as i'm sure your factory head unit is doing the same thing Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Yeah, like Sonic suggested, you should parallel the front & rear door speakers. So front left & rear left will be playing the same thing (ch 1) and front right & rear right will be the same (ch 2) while the rear shelf speakers will be ch's 3 & 4.
    I absolutely love my Alpine amp. They are kind of spendy, but you can get almost any new Alpine product on e-bay for 40-50% off retail, for new, unopened products (I bought all my speakers this way)

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    hold on-- my car also had 5 speakers, but the one in the dash used a signal from the 2 door speakers to work-- so i essentially had 4 speakers to connect..

    what year is your car? i'd like to try to look up the radio harness to double check that..

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    I think its a 2001 or 2002 i'm not sure.
    Anyway I found this one on ebay while searching for "HiFonics 5"

    Also found this one but they don't ship to Sweden :/

    Any suggestion?

    Its allot of money I have to pay for something I already can use with my default stereo
    Money I rather waste on a kick a** car computer

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