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Thread: Newbee Here !!!!!! Questions about site to buy from

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    Newbee Here !!!!!! Questions about site to buy from

    Hi to all. I have a 00 Durango that i am planning on doing a car pc in. I have a tight budget and have been looking for a good price on a 1 din touch screen. This is my question. Has anyone ever gone to before ???? And if so how was your ordering process? Im not sure that i can trust the site and i dont know of a way to check to make sure it is legit.

    This is the unit i am looking at

    If anyone can please advise

    Thank you

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    I would try and contact them and see what there response is. Also in case of any problems with your purchase make sure they can communicate in english properly. I deal with chinese companies alot and the biggest issue is communicating a problem with the unit or technical support.

    My two cents :-)

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