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Thread: Questions before using aftermarket harness (Scosche FDSR Ford 2005+)

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    Questions before using aftermarket harness (Scosche FDSR Ford 2005+)

    Good day folks,

    Well, I am adventuring for the 1st time on carpc stuff and automotive sound systems, tough, ive been working with pcs since early 90ies.

    Ive got everything to get started: mini itx pc (at5iont-i dlx), m2atx, screen (lilli 669) and gadgets like gps, radio, external dvd...

    I have a 2011 ford fusion and it has stock amplified speakers with 2 subs and i want to use that (its good enough for mu needs and tastes--- am not audiophile or competitor). So I tought I could use an aftermarket harness to do the trick and I got this scosche fdsr for fords 2005 and up:

    And heres the diagram for it

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    Well, my problems comes from my bad english interpretation of the diagram
    1) would the amp turn-on wire(blue/white) go into m2atx anti thump?
    2) How could I make these speakers wire so they fit inside 3.5mm jacks from onboars audio? I ask this because they have positives and negatives wires.

    Well, thats preventing me from start putting all this in the car!

    If pics dont show, ill add them shortly when i get home.

    Thank you in advance

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    i figured out i could turn these speakers wire into RCA then plug direct into soundcard.

    i'll try that out when i have time.

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