Hello all! My name is Joe and I just bought a used carpc setup I will be installing in my car. I am by no means am an expert at any of this, but have done many audio installs in various cars, so I decided it was time to step it up a notch. Before I start here are the specs on the setup.

running Win 7/ centrafuse 3.5/ dash command
Xenarc 700TSV touchscreen
Mobile Computing Solutions Mini-Touch 700 touchscreen
Intel atom d525@ 1.8ghz 4 gigs of ram
Opus 120W DC-DC PSU
Auzentech X-Meridian Sound Card w/ LM4227 OPAMPS
MJS Gadgets relay for monitors
MithJS Sirius USB Tuner Module
Siriurs SC-C1
ScanTools OBDII

I was told the system was turn key, but ran into a few snags as always... Found it had a blown MB, so I replaced it with the same one so I did not have to start over completely, which I am happy because whoever set it up did a nice job with the software and setting up windows IMO.

The person I purchased it from did not set it up, he just uninstalled it, so he had no idea as to why some thing were the way they were...anyway on to it!

I ran the setup off a standard ATX ps no problems. I then when to hook up the opus harness and it got interesting...I search and confirmed the standard wiring for this, 2 12v, 2 ground, 12v ign and remote, ok easy...well whoever wired it hacked up the harness(and used bizarre wire colors, the multi-meter was in full swing to see where the power was going.

Well they wired a 12v relay into the harness, so it has 12v, Ign, ground and 12v out to the pc..

Now what I don't understand,

1. is this even needed? The opus should be fine IMO...and If I cut the 12v from the ign wire, it obviously gets no shutdown, the relay just kills the power and shuts it all down.

Unless someone has a reasonable idea as to why to keep this relay in, I will cut the relay out and wire it as intended, I see no real issue with this....

Just looking for conformation I guess, any ideas, yay or nay?

Thank yo for entertaining me,


here are a few pics of the mess I have.

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