Evening all

Been a lurker on these forums for a while but now that I finally have something to post thought I would say hi.

Drive an Altezza and when I picked it up a couple of years back it came with the OEM jap satnav which was no use to me

The Car

Attachment 65255

So over the past couple of years I have hauled the screen out and built holders for various phones and housed them within the unit, nothing pretty but was fun

Dell Streak

Attachment 65256

JVC Head Unit

Attachment 65257

Anyway, I've now got a hold of a 7" Android Tablet, similar to the Viewsonic 7 and I've been playing about with setting it up in the car.

  • Data - tethered to mobile phone
  • Sound - Bluetooth to headunit
  • Phone - Bluetooth to headset

I was looking at amps and connecting straight to the tablet but this way I can control the volume straight from the headunit.

Here's a wee video showing a test fit, excuse the poor audio, naff camera!