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Thread: CarPC newbie with 05' Toyota Matrix needs advice.

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    CarPC newbie with 05' Toyota Matrix needs advice.

    Hi, I ran across CarPC's back when I first got my Matrix back in 09'. I never really gave them any thought but now I'm really interested in them and would love to install one in my car. I have several years of advanced computer experience with IT work and some programming, etc. but as for CarPC's I'm a blank slate. I would love any help or advice that anyone has to offer towards what system I should use, installation, placement, software, or anything else you can think of.
    Im looking to do a few specific things with this CarPC: -In-Dash GPS -Bluetooth (for music and internet connectivity) -Wi-Fi (not needed if Bluetooth is internet capable) -USB ports near driver seat -HD radio -FM radio -Ipod connection -and able to connect with my current factory stock speakers.
    Currently I have just the 4 stock speakers from the factory in the doors and an aftermarket head-unit from Alpine. I have no desire to keep the head-unit, but still want at least the same quality sound wether its from my Ipod, HD radio, or FM. Im not looking for a ton of processing power, this system will be for music, GPS, and the occasional video or web search. If anyone could help me out and point me in the right direction of hardware, software, and installation I would be greatly appreciative. Oh, and I'm looking to stay under $600 if at all possible.

    UPDATE: Ok so I have been doing some thinking and research and came up with the idea of using one of the new Raspberry pi units (which I already have on preorder) and a lilliput touchscreen monitor, while keeping my current head unit and simply running a 3.5mm audio cable from the pi unit to the aux. jack on my head unit (Alpine CDA-105). The only problems are i'm new to this and don't know if that plan would work, plus I have no idea where to begin with powering both the monitor and the pi. Also i'm not sure what GPS software will work with ubuntu linux. Thoughts? Advice?
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