I am building a 70 chevy truck, and am researching systems. I'm not looking for a factory look, but I'm also not looking for anything busy looking or blingy. All I need the system to do is FM, ipod controls, and run 1 or 2 small amps and simple speakers. I really like the look of a smooth dash with about a 7" touchscreen, but a full on car puter seems a little overkill. Plus I live in North Idaho, and we see sub zero temps in the winter. I can fabricate what ever I need, and I can research and learn the wiring and connections. Also, I would rather not mount anything under the seat, but I relocated the in-cab gastank, so I can mount stuff there.

Another option, would be a simple deck, with a relocated faceplate. One of the cleanest installs I've ever seen, the faceplate was moved to the visor, and the deck was set back and hidden behind a smoked plexiglass panel that was flush with the dash. The plexiglass had a cd slot that lined up with the head unit.

Option three that I've been researching is using a small tablet for a headunit. The reason I like this option is that I can use the tablet elsewhere. The problem I see with this is the need for a seperate volume knob.

Since this is a 4wd truck, durability is important, and of course, cost is a major factor. Any help or links to relevant threads is greatly appreciated.