I am currently working on a system to put in my truck and wanted to ask for some advice.

So far everything is on paper or being tested on my laptop not actually being done so I did not want to list it in the projects page yet.

First the problems that I have seen that need to be overcome

1. Power up time. Trucks operate 10 to 14 hours a day, This doesnt include time that I may be using the system on break, so the unit will have to be able to withstand being turned on for long peroids of time, both in being able to cool itself and being able to dump memory when needed to ram is not jammed up.
2. Vibration and enviroment, These trucks can be as bad as an bronco, Jobsite roads, pot holes and dirt, Moist air and more all will be a factor to deal with. Also to be blunt as to keyboards and such is dirty hands and such.
3. Visabililty and Legal issues, Daylight Visability with Autodim and other features will need to be a must.

There are more and I will be listing them when I can Got to Go my off time is ended