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Thread: Can you guys help me get started? I'm lost.

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    Can you guys help me get started? I'm lost.

    I've been considering building a car pc for a long time now.. but for some reason I'm just having so much trouble getting started. I can build the computer, that's not really an issue.. what I'm having trouble with is the chassis/dash kit/bezel.

    Is there anything out there that will let me use a standard touch screen and also offer an array of standard physical buttons (forward/back/volume/etc)? I'm not a fan of touch screen while driving, as it's difficult to get proper finger placement on the screen when you're bouncing up and down on the road .. I much prefer real buttons and knobs for basic tasks. I would also like to have front AUX input, perhaps even HDMI input on the front. I suppose these hookups could be located elsewhere, so that's not terribly important, but would be nice.

    What I'm really struggling with is finding a chassis and front bezel that suits my needs. Can anyone help with this? My car has a double-din opening.

    I'm looking at the Lilliput 669GL, which has all the buttons I want.. but all the bezels I'm finding seem to remove the buttons and only house the display (like this one).

    Thanks in advance!
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