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Thread: Renault Carminat Informee 2 - Help Getting Aux Input

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    Renault Carminat Informee 2 - Help Getting Aux Input

    Hi there - Newbie here.

    I own a Laguna II Sports Tourer Navigation (registered in 2007) and would like to be able to plug an MP3 player (iPod or similar) into my car radio (actually, in the fullness of time, I would like to plug a RaspberryPi ( into it - but one step at a time).

    I don't want to use an FM Transmitter System because it will stop the SatNav getting traffic data, so I am looking for a solution which allows me to use an Aux Input of some kind.

    I have done LOTS of research, but there seem to be so many different versions of the Carminat system that it is almost impossible for me to tell what is the right model and if I am going to damage my head unit by trying something.

    Attached are a couple of photos, one of the back of the head-unit and the other of the front (sorry, the second photo is a bit blurred).

    From the research I have done, I believe that this website might be helpful (, however, when I check in the expert menu on the radio, the Aux option is not available and this leads me to think that this radio does not have an Aux input! If this is the case, what is the best option to get an input. Could it be possible to fool the radio into thinking a CD Changer is connected and then connect an SPDIF device to it? I have found this site: but I can't work out if it is valid for my head-unit or not (I don't want to bother with any of the control simulation, just simply get myself a mechanism to get music into the radio. Any thoughts?

    Regarding interfacing with the Raspberry Pi with the SatNav display (to run XBMC), the Raspberry Pi outputs via HDMI and does not have a RGB output. Therefore, I will need to get a suitable device which will convert HDMI to RGB, and then have a switchbox so that I can select between the Pi and the Carminat using the pinouts from here: (I should be able to get a switchbox and converter with a DC power supply off the shelf without too much problem). Does this plan seem utterly bonkers, or is it quite do-able. Are there other and better option that I could investigate to achieve something like this?


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