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Thread: Need help learning

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    Need help learning

    Hey guys ,

    im a complete newbie at the moment and have watched the three mp3car tutorials on youtube about houw to assemble the pc (though I have experience in assembling full desktops already) but it seems theres no part on what to do with the remaining red , white and black wires. I'm planning on buying a 7" screen (not built it) to just attach just above the dashboard but need a bit of help on where to put these 3 wires and what they do? Any help appreciated .

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    What red, white, and black wires? On what? If it's for a power supply (M2ATX), red is constant 12v, black is ground and white is ignition 12v (trigger). granted I haven't watched the videos so it might be obvious which wires.
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    from my general experience , the 3 wires (red,black,white) are connected to Constant power (red colored wire= car battery) , ground (black wire = chassis of car ) and ignition controlled wire( white wire= anything that turns on/off via the act of turning ur ignition on/off, eg tapping into the positive wire of the cigarette lighter)

    the above mentioned wires as usually connected to the carpc's "intelligent automotive" PSU. This configuration allows for the carpc to power on/off as an appliance vs you manually turning the PC on and off via a button every time you enter/exit the car.

    in regards to your LCD, it should come with a cigarette plug to power the device. simply plug it in to an available cigarette outlet in ur car and you will have power.

    i highly recommend searching/ reading through the forums to learn more.
    these subjects have been covered many times , there are TONS of info floating around.

    welcome aboard, and enjoy the carpc hobby

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    OK , anyone know of any good videos on how to link the wire to the car battery? Thanks for all the other help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trinybwoy View Post
    in regards to your LCD, it should come with a cigarette plug to power the device. simply plug it in to an available cigarette outlet in ur car and you will have power.
    most of the time, there is another different connector on the case to go to the screen. i believe it was covered in one of the video's-- it should be one of the first ones where they assembled the pc components.

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    Im actually looking at a USB powered one at the moment so alls ok.

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