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Thread: Lights and Siren HVAC Controls

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    Lights and Siren HVAC Controls

    soo....this might sound a little complicated....but im in a 2001 jeep wrangler TJ and i read on
    id like to see if anyone can help me relay(or maybe fusion brain?) up a way to have my a toggle switch switch my HVAC controls to work my lights/siren set up ill have?

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    Welcome Jodfie!

    It's nice to see another Wrangler on these forums!

    Are you trying to set it up so that in one position the controls operate the HVAC and in another toggle position the controls operate your lights and/or siren? I'm not familiar with emergency lights and sirens, are they not operated by just an on/off switch?

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    yes thats what im wanting to do...they can run off of basic on off switches

    ps: what wrangler do you have?

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