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Thread: Blow through box build

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    Blow through box build

    hello, im new to this car audio but i have a question. i understand that typically the bigger the subwoofers the louder the boom. however ive come to realize that this is not true. in my case i had a blow the box in my pick up with 4 jbl 12"s and these made my ears beep.... these where stolen from me when the truck was towed. so i decided to install some better/ bigger/ heavier 12" with the same amp and box, but for some reason the smaller less expensive 12s i had before pounded WAY harder... could the be a wiring mistake? i know my 1500watt mtx amp should move them enough? any comments would help

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    sorry, this forum is mostly for installing computers in cars, so the audio stuff is kinda limited in scope. what gear did you have and what gear do you have now? there are a ton of different things that could cause one setup to be a different loudness then another.

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    2,118 might be better for your inquiry.
    They have several audio experts and IMO have less inaccurate info than many car-audio forums.

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    go to . it's a smallish site, but the guys on there are bassheads and will be more than glad to help.

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