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Thread: help with Installing galaxy tab on my car

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    help with Installing galaxy tab on my car

    I saw many people are installing tablets on there car on youtube but they don't show how,
    here is my idea I will take of my stereo and cables will be left there right ?

    1- So how can I connect those cables to my tablet to act as stereo or is there any better idea ?
    2- How can I make my tablet connected to the car power or does the stereo cables do that to ?

    (My car is sonata 2013)


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    Sounds like you have a lot of reading and research to do.

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    Many get whatever car adapter can be used to power/charge the tablet in the car. Just make sure the adapter supplies enough voltage, or else you won't be charging while using it and it will slowly drain. To hook the audio up, you will need an amp. The tablet should have a headphone slot, so you'll need an 1/8" to rca (and then split if you need more than 2 channels). Hook the rca's into the amp, then using speaker wire coming from the amp, wire the correct f/r l/r to an aftermarket wiring harness to the correct f/r l/r wires. Using an aftermarket harness you won't have to cut into factory wires. You will also need to supply power/ground/switched power to the amp.
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