I've been searching the forum all day (especially the noob forums) but haven't had any luck yet.

What I've got:

  • 2 Headrests with LCDs - each with 2 RCA "video in"s
  • Factory Nav with RCA "video out" currently hooked to one of the LCD "video in"s

When I'm not playing a DVD the LCDs display "no signal" (or are black if I turn them off). What would be nice is I could keep the LCDs on the other video input (when not playing DVDs) and have them display a winAmp-ish visualization based on the music being played. As for the visualization audio source, my Nav has additional RCA audio outs which I have tested and think it would be a good source (even if I needed to convert it to 3.5mm headphone jack depending on what is needed.).

My hesitation with a whole "carputer" setup is that my factory Nav system has everything I need (audio-wise) already (Bluetooth audio, CD, MP3, iPod, HD radio, aux video in, etc.)

Honestly I was surprised when I googled yesterday to not find a device or easy solution that takes an audio source and outputs a visualization to a video out. I downloaded a $0.99 visualization app on my iPhone and was able to use the video out cable to display the visualization on my headrest monitors. This is not a viable option because I don't have a spare iPhone 4 around.

Any thoughts or ideas for any inexpensive device that would do this (if one exists) or some kind of direction short of an entire carputer would be greatly appreciated.