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Thread: Booting and shutting down

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    Booting and shutting down

    so, after having 15-ish browser tabs open looking for FAQ's i decided to just ask my question. the FAQ could really use some help. just sayin

    how is booting and shutting down being handled in a car setup? i am considering a car pc for my truck, but dont want to have to wait for it to boot to have music and then shut it down every time i turn the truck off. i considered SSD drives for the quick booting, but that would still be far from a standard head unit startup time.

    i have a 90 silverado. there is no room at all in the dash for even a single din head unit. my ideal end result is mounting a headunit or pc under the seat and having a small touch screen mounted above the climate controls to control everything. i would like to play music from a thumb drive for sure and a HD if i go pc route. if there is something out there that is more like a standard car stereo im fine with that, but in all of my research it looks like i will have to use a pc. every touch screen head unit i can find has the screen permanently attached to the unit and not remote mounted.

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    Have you had a look at this thread in the FAQ Emporium?

    Not sure if there is an FAQ on the software side of startup/shutdown but heres a snap shot

    assuming a windows OS


    Cold boot

    and for Win7 and Vista() users Hybrid sleep/Standby/Hibernate

    Using the above as search terms should give some info, everyone has an opinion on which is best, but a lot will depend on your hardware and peripherals you have attached.

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    I'll look into that. I could live with an automated setup that would wake the pc and start playing music where it left off within 30-45 second and then sleep the pc when I turn the key off.

    I would probably use windows 7, but xp and Linux are also in the running. It seems that after all these years of carputers someone would have made a version of Linux just for this purpose.

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    You say "was" an attempt. Does that mean its a dead project? Never very good? Reading about it sounds great unless I'm missing something.

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    its so unfortunate that linuxice never took off. I would have very much been happy with that instead of windows. Would have given my car that extra push into the crazy zone lol.
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    i am using a laptop with hybrid sleep and couldnt be happier. No more resume from hybernate screen. Just start the car and within 3 or 4 seconds the music is playing. Another few seconds and the gps antenna has connected and the OBD2 connection is restored.
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    For less time to wait for it to wake up mine was hooked up to the remote of the doors/alarm and it would switch of when a door was open. The m4 has a 1 minute delay so when i have the key in the ignition en switched it on the cpc would stay on. Switch of the car and it would suspend to disk in 10 sec.
    boot-up time was 27 sec and walking to the car an getting in about 25 sec.
    I used a bistable-relay and a normal relay to make it work.

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    Hmmm, what OS is on the laptop? If I could run it on one of those tiny carpc's that sounds great. Although, gps and obd2 aren't concerns of mine. I might want gps one day, but music is my main concern.

    Is there a power supply out there that can stay connected to a constant 12v source and have another wire wake it up and make it sleep (for lack of better terms) with a keyed 12v source?

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