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Thread: Simple Q's regarding Phone & GPS...

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    Simple Q's regarding Phone & GPS...

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a Pioneer AVH-P8400. It's 400. I think, for that amount of cash, I can probably knock a decent CarPC together... I have a few questions, and things that are confusing me.

    At present I have a Pioneer DEH-P700BT, I mainly use my iPhone as the audio source. I also make/receive phone calls. I use TomTom app and the audio is sent via my speakers. These are 3 'features' I would like to keep, and these are 3 'features' that have me stumped when it comes to a carputer...

    I am technicaly. Sorting a PC and hooking it up won't be a problem, tweaking it to work right is where I'll get stuck. Well, may need some help with power, how is powering on/sleep/shutdown controlled?

    I'll probably go for a Zotac ITX fanless board, a Lilliput TFT and a decent case, maybe one that sits in the dual din slot, undecided yet. I think for airflow etc it might be better in the boot... Anyway, hardware I should be ok with, it's the software...

    Say I put Win 8 and Centrafuse on the setup, how do i.....

    - Allow my iPhone to play as an audio source? More so if I continue to use TomTom app...
    - GPS on PC, what is available for a Windows PC, and what GPS addon would you recommend?
    - Phone calls. How easy is it to make/receive calls? Do you just pair the iPhone and Windows box and use as a speaker phone? What software pulls the contact information and makes dialling out easy? Is there any?
    - How do I get Radio on the PC? Are USB/PCI FM/DAB receivers available?

    Is it worth keeping/using my existing Headunit hidden away as a 'passthrough' for Aux, and all the other bits and bobs? Or doing away with it and using the audio out of the PC?

    I'm not too bothered about playing DVD's or CD's, but if doable that would be good. I'll probably stick a smallish SSD in there and am unsure if I'll store any audio/visual stuff on there... I may stick a router with a 3G stick in the boot and setup a small roaming/adhoc network. More for Air Play ability than browsing though...
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