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    Lightbulb Bama newbie

    I just thought I would intoduce myself. I'm in South Alabama near the beaches, owner of
    an 87 911 Targa, and installing a vintage high end system from the early to mid 90's. I wanted
    all the high end gear from the era that the car was made and all the stuff I couldn't afford back
    then in a car that growing up I dreamed of owning. I do hope to run some sort of tablet in a
    center console when I get to the point of building the console. I've come here to try and learn
    the best way of doing that with the system I have planned.

    Anyway, I look forward to learning from all you fine folks.


    This is a link to my build. I am rather slow with my updates and build due to being a Disabled Vet.
    I do hope to be able to make better progress over the next few months, maybe some of you would
    like to follow that build.

    System consists of:
    Sony XES

    Sony CDX-91 NIB I found last year

    All OZ Audio (Superman logo) speakers
    Oz Audio 4" components (kick panels)
    Oz Audio 8" in the doors
    Oz Audio 10" (pair) in the rear seat pans

    All Blade SE amps
    Blade SE 8.4 (this will run the 4" component set)
    Blade SE 225 (this will run the 8's)
    Blade SE 2100 (this will run the 10's)

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    on the border of northern IL/IN

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    Thank you...

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