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Thread: **NEWBIE** Need help or guidance on simple project

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    **NEWBIE** Need help or guidance on simple project

    I'm trying to put together a little project for my car and am looking for a little help or guidance. I know my cars circuitry well, as well as intermediate computer circuitry but unfortunately I missed the generation of the circuitry I'm trying to set up. I have basic knowledge of circuitry components and such. I attached a crude drawing of what I am trying to accomplish. I know this is newbish but please don't flame and I have been studying ways to accomplish this sparingly and a microcontroller seems like the best way unless you guys have alternate ideas.

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    you're on the right path!

    the problem i've found with micro-controllers is that while it is easy to tell yourself how you want the project to operate, it is quite a different story to tell the microcontroller how to perform that operation.

    the next-best step would be to determine what you're looking for in a uC, then pick one up, and start playing with it to figure out how to get it to do your bidding..

    the arduino lineup has become a pretty common lineup, but i'm told that it's programming language is different, so if you intended to make use the the knowledge elsewhere, it would be less helpful. i toyed with one briefly, and it's pretty easy to get the hang of, it just takes time--that i don't seem to have-- to remember all the programming rules and implement them correctly..

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