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    I'm looking at some touch screen monitors (for example the Lilliput 669GL), and they come with HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs. Can all of these inputs be used to control any device? For example, does it matter whether I connect up a windows/linux/android machine, and does it matter whether they are connected via HDMI or DVI/VGA? I'm struggling to understand how just plugging something into the input would allow the touchscreen to control the device behind the scenes. Is there something in between that I'm missing or is it just pure magic?


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    the touchscreen is connected with both a video in and usb out , the usb is there for the touchscreen , so it doesnt matter wether you connect your screen with vga/dvi/hdmi , the touchscreen works with the usb connection.

    and for linux/android, check the manufacturers info to see if they support drivers for linux and the playstore to see if there is an app available , also for android I believe you will need additional hardware, try the search for that.
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    Ah I see, I thought I must be missing something, thank you!

    As for the Android hardware I guess that it the X2 module that is displayed on the homepage so I'll look into that.


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